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The ET800E GPS/GPRS/SMS tracking device designed for trucks, vans, trailers, dump trucks and other heavy vehicles. It supports 24V voltage, small size, easy to hide. Beside the standard tracking features, it monitors vehicle status, fuel consumption; the backend platform system smartly display the fuel volume despite of various truck fuel tank capacity. This is to be realized by 2 options: 1). Use an additional fuel sensor; 2). Simplely Connect one ET800E cable to trcuk fuel meter




- 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band, worldwide network

- Support GPRS/SMS mode,Support TCP/UDP transmission

- Support Indoor LBS & AGPS

- Built in 3D motion sensor

- Voice feature

- Black box data logger for last half hour.

- USB Configuration / Upgrade Version

- OTA remote firmware upgrade

- Fixed time report 

  Fixed distance report

  Fixed heading change report

- Report by: Time / Coordinates / Heading / ACC OnOff / Speed / Mileage / Battery / AGPS data / Fuel data / Door Status / Horn / Air-Con Status

- Speeding Alarm

- Power disconnect alarm

- Geo-fence alarm

- Low battery alarm

- Low fuel alarm

- SOS emergency alarm

- Remote Control device reporting

- Remote Configure, require parameters

- Remote reset

- Remote lock door

- Remote immobilize the vehicle

- Remote voice monitor

- Remote clear alarms / back to factory setting

- Remote upgrate


 GPS Tracking Software: ( Web, Client Server, Andriod, iOS, Wap)



Report Site:   

Tracking Site: 

Username: OBD

Password : 135246    


Standard ParkageMain unit, Wire Harness, Cut relay, SOS alarm buttons, GPS/GPRS Antennas, Velcro, MIC.

Optional:Speaker, USB Setup Cable, Fuel Sensor, Door Sensor


Warranty Time: 2 years ( from shipping date)


Ø  GPS: Ublox-5M module
Ø  GPS Sensitivity: -159db
Ø  GPS Accuracy: 0-3 meter (Open Area)
Ø  GSM: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Ø  3D Motion Sensor
Ø  Input: 
    12V Power +/-;  ACC; Door; Alarm; MIC; Fuel Meter Voltage / Fuel sensor, SOS+/-; Horn

Ø  Output: 
    Fuel Cut; Speaker +-; Door lock
Ø  Fuel Sensor:  Capacitor type, Voltage: 0-5V

Ø  Backup battery: 1000mah ( working for 10 hours after main power disconnected)

Ø  Device Dimension: 88*62.5*32mm   
Ø  Weight: 140G   
Ø  Working Voltage: 9~36V/1.8A   
Ø  Consumption (GSM On): <15Mah 
Ø  Consumption (GSM/GPS On):  <45Mah   
Ø  Working Temperature: -25℃~+60℃   
Ø  LED Lights:  Red -->GPS; Blue-->GSM   
Ø  Cut Relay: 12V/24V  40A 


  • Download1.Operation_Manual
  • Download2.Firmware_Upgrade_Guide
  • Download3.Latest_Firmware
  • Download4.Serial_USB_Driver
  • Download5.PC_Setup_Program
  • Download6.Operation_Manual
  • Download7.Catalog